I’m so psyched to start doing YouTube and writing my book about Experiment 42 all the time! That is, if I’m done with high school…

I think I am. This year was my final year of HAVO. In the Netherlands, you can do high school on different levels. You can do VWO, which is 6 years and prepares you for university, so you do this if you’re really good at school and want to be a doctor, lawyer, scientist or something like that. HAVO is one level lower and is 5 years, this prepares you for college on a more practical level, like if you want to be a teacher, nurse or filmmaker. You can also do VMBO, which you can do on three different levels, all four years. After VMBO, people can go to HAVO or they can go to the MBO, which is education that prepares you for jobs like plumber, chef or secretary.

Not my school, but you get the idea.

No matter what level you do, in the end you have to pass the central final exams. Those exams are done nationally each year, so everyone taking for instance biology at HAVO level gets the same biology exam at exactly the same time. So you take all the central final exams and then you wait. They’re 50% of your total grade, so it’s very possible that you did okay up to this point and then fail the central final exams. About 10% fails. Some fail by a little and are allowed to redo one exam. If you don’t pass, you have to do the final year again. So everyone in their final year is having a rather nervous time right now, because no one knows yet if they passed or not.

So nervous

On Wednesday and Thursday next week, every high school student in the Netherlands that took final central exams will hear if they passed, have to redo one exam, or failed completely. So here’s what happens: That day, you wait by the phone. The later the call, the bigger the chance you passed, because they usually call the people that failed first. So you spend your day biting your nails, looking at your phone. When you get the call and you passed, yay! Party! It is then custom to hang a Dutch flag from your house with your schoolbag attached to the top of the flagpole. Walking around the neighborhood around this time is very festive, because you can see who graduated and be happy for them.

Photo by Hollandse Hoogte/Rob Huijbers

So…will I graduate? I will find out coming Wednesday. I think I did alright, I probably passed. But as time goes by, I’m getting more and more nervous. I’ll keep you updated!

You can find more about my book here.

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