Blog: Winter weekend

A nice winter weekend in Germany

Looking for snow

My brother really likes snow. Unfortunately, we live near the North Sea and snow is rare here. Once every three or four years or so, we have enough snow in the winter  to actually have fun with it. So when we heard that there had been a lot of snow in Germany, only a few hours driving away, we immediately wanted to go. My parents decided to make reservations for a cabin near Winterberg for the first weekend of December. Of course, by then, all the natural snow had melted. But we went anyway, also because we wanted to visit the Christmas fair in Düsseldorf on the way back.

Very cold, crispy weather

It was very, very cold when we arrived, -10 degrees Celsius and foggy, so we quickly crawled into bed under a lot of covers. When we woke up the next morning, a lot of plants had turned white from the frost and the sky was perfectly clear. Just beautiful! Still very cold, so we decided to put Buffy in her winter coat, because she doesn’t have the fur for such cold temperatures.

frost snow tree Winterberg

How gorgeous is this tree?

ACE de Best with dog Buffy in wintercoats

Buffy and me. The fur on our coats is FAKE!

We found some snow

We found a nice hill where Bas could go sledding, with a restaurant at the bottom of the hill for the rest of us. While Bas did some pretty epic sledding, my parents and I had German appel strudel with vanilla sauce, nom nom nom 😉 .

boy sleds into barrier

Smooth sledding, Bas! XD

After lunch we took a walk on the Kahler Asten, the highest point in the area. The sky was just so clear, the view was amazing! Buffy loved going for a walk.

view top Kahler Asten Germany

View from the top of the Kahler Asten

On our way home the next day we visited the Christmas fair in Düsseldorf. The little stall where I’ve found several nice props for my videos last year and the year before was there again too, yay! I bought three little prop trees. I also found a pretty necklace at another stall.

stall Christmas fair Düsseldorf Germany manger doll props

Part of the stall where I bought some little prop trees

Buffy had a great time. She loves people, especially people who drop food and there were lots of those! Including my mom after she had a crèpe with eggnog. 😉 The fair was really beautiful and very big, which also meant that Buffy was exhausted at some point. So my dad carried her and we decided it was time to go home. A lovely Christmassy end to our winter weekend. 🙂

Christmas tree Rathaus square Düsseldorf

A very tired Buffy in front of the big Christmas tree on the Rathaus square

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