Stuck Together

ACE de Best Stuck Together

Stuck Together is a series about 2 girls, Hailey and Gabriel, who will hate each other to their graves. Literally. When Gabriel gets murdered by a demon, she has to watch over Hailey as a guardian angel. Together they must solve the demon problem and save several lives doing so. In the mean time, they have to deal with hiding Gabriels true identity as she is disguised as her cousin Niki, and Gabriel’s old friend Brianna, trying to ruin their lives as revenge for “losing” her friend Gabriel. She does this with Gabriel’s sister Lauren, not knowing the person they are bugging is actually the person they are trying to avenge. But Angel, a boy Hailey likes, is having some demon problems as well. Even the demon they are looking for is struggling to find something…

Amount of seasons/episodes: 1 season – 16 episodes  – This series has ended

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