Experiment 42

Experiment 42 is a YouTube series for kids acted out with Littlest Pet Shops toys. It’s about 5 young adults, who can travel dimensions. Lenny, being a scientist, created a device called “Experiment 42”, which was supposed to be a teleporter. However, something went wrong. Very wrong. Or did it? The crew travels to a new dimension every episode. They solve problems and have adventures. Sometimes they even find new friends, sometimes they find trouble instead. Experiment 42 won the LPSTube award for best LPS drama series in 2015 and 2016.

Lenny Obrien

2015-04-03 13.09.38kopieLenny is the one responsible for making Experiment 42, and he made traveling dimensions possible. He is a brilliant 21 year old scientist, and he has made many other devices but nothing like Experiment 42. He is actually really shy and doesn’t really get much credit for the amazing adventures. He tries to keep his friends safe, but they never listen to him. He is quite lonely, but some times he will meet someone from an other dimension. Even though Lenny is a push over  in the first season, later on he learns that he is the most important one of the crew. Tetradi seems to have a soft spot for him, could he know some thing we don’t know?


Kate Warren

2015-04-03 13.10.42kopie
Kate is the kind one of the crew. She is 21 and she usually leads the crew, if Lydia hasn’t already taken that place. She is smart and caring, making her good at solving problems in other dimensions. She is Noah’s girlfriend, and she has a pet named “Bubbles”. She is a wise character, though sometimes she lets pride get the best of her.


Lydia Clark

2015-04-03 13.10.16kopie
Lydia is the girly girl in the group. She is 19 and she loves traveling with Experiment 42 a little too much… She used to be an actress, but traveling got in the way. She is best friends with Perry, and they would never leave each others sides. She can be a bit grumpy things don’t go her way, and some times her greed takes over.


Noah Sander

2015-04-03 13.10.47kopie
Noah is the loyal one in the group. He is 20 and he loves to travel with his friends. He is Kate’s boyfriend and he Lenny’s best friend. He is always there for Kate and he loves all of their adventures. He is kind of the clown of the group, but thank dragons he is not as silly as Perry! Even though he likes to joke around, he will risk his life to save the people close to him.


Perry Obrien

2015-04-03 13.10.28kopie
Perry is always being weird. She is 17 and let’s say she is not the smartest… She is best friends with Lydia and they are inseparable. She is always joking around and always happy! Hardly anything can bring her down, and she is Always there to cheer her friends up! She is Lenny’s cousin, even though they don’t have much in common. Some times she would feel like she was a burden to the crew, being not as smart as the rest, until she found out that she might actually be psychic!


Nina Phoenix – Season 2

2015-04-03 13.14.40kopie
Nina is the groups daredevil. When she was a kitten she was healed by a Phoenix, which gave her Phoenix powers. At first she seems like the ultimate tree hugger, but she is waiting for adventure! A Phoenix is loving and caring, but also made out of fire! She is a dragon’s best friend, and she has a dragon egg that’s about to hatch! Even though she has dragon friends, she was quite lonely until she met Lenny and his friends. Now she is traveling along with them!

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