My YouTube channel, LpsAce, has a lot of different videos! You can find webseries Experiment 42 on this channel, short series Stuck Together, music videos and all kinds of specials. Mostly nutty, funny stuff. And all filmed with Little Pet Shops as actors.

Experiment 42

Experiment 42 is about 5 young adults, who can travel dimensions. Lenny, being a scientist, created a device called “Experiment 42”, which was supposed to be a teleporter. However, something went wrong. Very wrong. Or did it? The crew travels to a new dimension every episode. They solve problems and have adventures. Sometimes they even find new friends, sometimes they find trouble instead. You can find more information about Experiment 42 here.

Music videos

I love making music video, because I’m really inspired by music. I try to use music as fair as possible, I prefer to use music from artists that are okay with me using their music. I also like to use music from artists that somehow make money from my use of their music, for instance when they have a deal with YouTube. Lately I have been trying to make more music myself, I sometimes sing in my other videos.


There are several types of specials on my channel. Some are holiday specials; like Halloween or Christmas specials. Sometimes I just have a random idea for a video and then actually make it. Jenna’s adventure was made to celebrate getting the YouTube Silver Playbutton and features Jenna the Mermaid travelling ‘into’ my earlier videos. This also has the final ending to Stuck Together!  And I have some “how to” videos, like tips and tricks for making videos, or how to train pillows, and two ‘customs’ videos.

Stuck Together

Stuck Together is a series about 2 girls, Hailey and Gabriel, who will hate each other to their graves. Literally. When Gabriel gets murdered by a demon, she has to watch over Hailey as a guardian angel. Together they must solve the demon problem and save several lives doing so. This series has 16 episodes and has ended. You can find more information about Stuck Together here.

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