My name is…

When I started getting online, I tried to stay as anonymous as possible. I was still very young and you never know what’s out there. So I didn’t tell my real name or whereabouts and I didn’t show my face. Also because my parents warned me that things that are on the internet tend to stay there. Nowadays I’m happy that the things I put on online actually stay. People seem to like what I put out there. Moreover, YouTube is helping me save a bit for film school. As I was getting more followers though, it also became more of a dilemma. Online, I’m sort of famous. Not Bieber famous, or PewdiePie famous or anything, but still, I do have 185.000 subscribers on YouTube by now. That’s a lot of people. Twice the amount of people you could fit in the Rose Bowl, or Wembley Stadium.

YouTube Star LpsAce, real name ACE de Best, on famous birthdays netherlands

According to famous birthdays I’m 26th in the Netherlands. Ahead of Johan Cruyff. Come on guys, that’s just ridiculous.

To be honest, I can hardly wrap my head around that. Mostly because in ‘real’ life, hardly anyone knows who I am. I kept whatever I was doing online as LpsAce a secret at school, only telling some family and a few friends. I’m quite shy, some classmates probably don’t even notice I’m there. And I don’t really mind that, I’m not one for the spotlight.

Who am I?

Recently though, it has started to feel, well, uneasy. It feels like I am two separate people, or like I have a secret life. Like I was hiding a big part of me. At the same time, I decided to start on a book based on my webseries Experiment 42. I have to do a big project for my final year of high school and choose this. People started telling me that publishing a book anonymously in the digital age is an illusion. Illusion smillusion, I said. But I couldn’t really imagine a book cover with just ‘LpsAce’ on it either. So I tried to compromise and made up a name to use as writer. I came up with Anna Catelle, which is my first three names sort of put together. After a while, I started using this online too. I opened a new Twitter account, a new Facebook page…and this website, all on my new name. Then, suddenly, I had to write the name a lot. And it felt weird again. This is not my name, it’s just another attempt at hiding. So I took a deep breath and decided to just say my name. My real name. The one my parents gave me.

My name is ACE de Best. ACE is short for Annabella Catharina Elisabeth. Some people call me Annabel, some call me Ace.
My brother used to call me Anna.
So there you have it. Still not showing my face though.


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