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New Facebook and Twitter

Hi guys! Just an update about my social media. I have been rather inactive on Facebook and Twitter lately. There are just so many things to do in a day! However, I do like the possibilities of both. So, with my real name now out there, I decided to start a Facebook page under my own name. I have also started a Twitter account under @realACEdeBest. Acedebest was taken, unfortunately. You can find updates on my Facebook page and Tweets, for instance about new videos or blogs. I’ll also post more about my daily life there. Sometimes I’ll post more random musings, or I’ll retweet something I find important or just, you know, funny 🙂

Social media twitter feed ACEdeBest

Twitter feed


Another thing I wanted to mention is about fanpages and posers. A lot of fans mention meeting me, in real life or on other social media or apps. Usually, it’s not me. If someone at school is telling you she is me, unless she is 16, 5’7″ with long blond hair and doing 5 Havo at a school near Amsterdam, she’s lying. Also, I’m not on Most people who post parts of my videos there are fans. I don’t mind that, actually, I really appreciate it, as long as it’s clear it’s part of my work posted by someone else. That goes for most things. I don’t mind people reposting (parts of) my work, as long as you mention I made the original. That’s what I try to do as clearly as possible too when I use other people’s music, or repost other people’s art.

If you want to know which accounts are the real me, use the links that are way at the bottom of this website ( and in the upper right corner of my YouTube page (LpsAce). I hope to see you there!


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