Music Videos

I love making music videos, because I’m really inspired by music. I try to use music as fairly as I can, I prefer to use music from artists that are okay with me using their music. I also like to use music from artists that somehow make money from my use of their music, for instance when they have a deal with YouTube. Lately I have been trying to make more music myself, I sometimes sing in my other videos.


I made a few mashups, where I mix parts of my other videos to fit with the music. Sometime that music is a mashup too. One of the videos I’m most proud of is the 2014 mashup, with clips from 2014 taken from my channel set to the 2014 music mashup “Do what you wanna do” by DJ Earworm.

Most viewed music video

I made a music video years ago, just for fun, where I could use lot’s of (fake!) blood on those innocent Littlest Pet Shops. It’s set to Cannibal by Ke$ha. Now it has 6.7 million views. Wait, what? Still not sure what happened…

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