Done with highschool!

I passed my exams! I’m so happy! In the end, it was pretty nerve wrecking. Right after my exams I was pretty sure I did well. But I had to wait for the results for more than three weeks. The days right before the results I became very nervous. And every final year student in the Netherlands with me, because everyone in their final year of high school gets the results for the national final exams on the same afternoon. If you don’t pass, you have to your final year all over again. Luckily, a little over two o’clock someone from school called to congratulate me. I PASSED! I am totally done with high school. After happy cheers and hugs and kissed from my parents and grandparents I put the Dutch flag with my schoolbag on top on the front of the house. This is a Dutch tradition, you do this after you hear you will graduate high school. Then we had some champagne (alcohol free for me and my brother).

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My schoolbag on the Dutch flag on my house 🙂

Now what? The coming months I will focus on YouTube. That means a new video every week! I’m planning to start a new series, but you’ll have a wait a bit longer to find out what it’s about. Don’t worry, Experiment 42 will continue! I also hope to make some progress with the book about Experiment 42, because it’s so much fun writing :).

Another fun thing about finishing high school is that I am no longer shy about showing my face. So starting today I will no longer keep it hidden! On YouTuber there is now a new video with a face reveal. You can find it right here. There’s news for the Dutch fans too; I’m starting a Dutch version of LpsAce. That channel will have Experiment 42 and other popular videos in Dutch. So the same videos that are already on LpsAce will be dubbed in Dutch on LpsAceNL. So lots of news, I’m looking forward all of it!

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This is me

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