Frequently Asked Questions

So there are a few questions I get asked a lot. Here are the answers to those questions.

How old are you?
I am 16 now, I was born in the year 2000, on April 23.Littlest Pet Shop LPS LpsAce Jenna Decenia

Where do you live?

I live in the Netherlands, near Amsterdam. You know, the one with all the canals and tulips and stuff.

When is the next episode of Experiment 42 coming out?
I don’t know. When I finish making the episode. An episode usually takes me 4 to 10 weeks.

When is your book coming out and where can I get it?

I hope in the fall of 2017, and probably at Amazon.comACE de Best book LpsAce Experiment42

How many people work on your videos?
I usually make my videos all by myself, so writing, customizing, set design and building, voice acting, filming and editing. Sometimes I also sing. For a few videos, I had some help, from friends helping out with the voices, my brother moving the LPS if more than two at once move, or my mom helping with complicated sets, like the burning one in the Season 1 finale. Recently my brother and I made a video together, Chaos on the set.

Will Experiment 42 continue?
Yes, at least one more season after season 2.

Will you make a sequel to Stuck Together?
Well, maybe

What editor do you use?
Mostly Power Director and Sony Vegas Pro 13, but I’m starting to use Adobe Premiere and After Effects as well.

What camera do you use?
I currently use a Nikon D5300

Do you have tips for making video’s?
Yes, I do actually, I made a video about that: Tips on making videos (with Kaylee)

Can I send you fan art?

Sure you can! The easiest way is to put it on Instagram and use the tag #E42fanart. You can also send it by snail mail, to Oderweg 1, Box 8547, 1543 AG, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Where did Mr Bubbles go?
He went to the dimension of the first episode, the fairy dimension, to reunite with Annabella. So he lives happily ever after!

How do you make your customs, will you make a video about it?
For a lot of the customs, like spikes, horns, gills, tails and such, I use hot glue. This is not without risk, I’ve burned myself several times when making customs. That is also why I hesitate to make a video about this. Many young children watch my video’s and I don’t want them burning themselves trying to do this at home.

Will you ever reveal your face?
Yes, but I’m not sure when yet. At the moment it’s nice to never be recognized outside, because no one knows what I look like yet. This photo shows you a bit what I look like:

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