Blog: I made it!

Done with highschool! I passed my exams! I’m so happy! In the end, it was pretty nerve wrecking. Right after my exams I was pretty sure I did well. But I had to wait for the… Read More

geslaagd havo nerveus eindexamen

Blog: Is school over?

Hi guys, I’m so psyched to start doing YouTube and writing my book about Experiment 42 fulltime! That is, if I’m done with high school… I think I’m done. This year was my final year of… Read More

Blog: Winter weekend

A nice winter weekend in Germany Looking for snow My brother really likes snow. Unfortunately, we live near the North Sea and snow is rare here. Once every three or four years or so, we have… Read More

Blog: Finally, foxes!

I finally managed to meet wild foxes Searching at the Waterleiding Dunes So I have been trying to see foxes in the wild for years. There is no shortage of foxes in the Netherlands, but I… Read More

Blog: Writing book

Writing the book on Experiment 42: I’m having such a good time working on this you guys. Outside, the wind is blowing, the leaves are falling and we even had some wet snow. Inside it’s very… Read More