Experiment 42: The book

The book on Experiment 42 could be out next fall! Here’s why: For my final year of high school, I have to do a big project. Because I like writing my webseries Experiment 42 so much, I decided to do a project on how to write a book based on a webseries. So I am currently writing a book based on the first episode of Experiment 42. For school, the project is mostly about how to do this and less about having the book finished. I will continue writing after the project is finished though, I’m aiming to have the book out next fall!

The book will be in English and in Dutch. It will be based on the first episode of Experiment 42 but it won’t be the same. Yes, Lenny, Lydia, Kate, Noah and Perry will be there, but they’re human in the book and struggling with normal adolescent issues. That is, until strange things start happening in the science project Lenny is working on…before they know what’s happening, the friends find themselves in a whole other world.

Even if you have seen the series the book will have lots of new things for you, including new characters, new story lines, new information on the five friends, but most importantly…a new mystery!

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