Biography (This is just a fancy word to say this page is all about MEEEEE! 😉 )

I’m ACE de Best, aka LpsAce. I’m 16, in my final year of high school and I’m living with my parents, younger brother Bas and dog Buffy in Noord-Holland, the Netherlands, where I was born April 23 2000. I started making videos with Little Pet Shops when I was 11. It made me realize I really like creating videos. I love making my YouTube series Experiment 42, writing the story, creating the characters and the story lines, making the customs, the sets and the special effects…And the many positive reactions keep me motivated too! My LpsAce channel now has over 180.000 subscribers and 42 million views. I hope to one day direct my own movie or TV show.

So many plans

For my final year of high school, I have to do a big project. Because I like writing Experiment 42 so much, I decided to do a project on how to write a book based on a web series. So I am currently writing a book based on the first episode of Experiment 42. For school, the project is mostly about how to do this and less about having the book finished. I will continue writing after the project is finished though, I’m aiming to have the book out next fall!

I further hope to be able to post more videos after I finish high school. I would really like to make music, on my own or with others, to post on my YouTube channel, because music really inspires me. Also, I love making music videos!

I like drawing and photography as well. You can find my drawings and photos under “Pics” and on Instagram.

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